• 2013-2014 WSMA Festival Rule Changes and Music List Header Updates

The recommendations as discussed by the WSMA Festivals Adjudication, Concert, Solo and Ensemble, and Music Selection committees are brought each year to the WSMA Board for approval. These Festival Committee recommendations reflect the changing needs of current classroom teachers. The 2013-2014 Festival Rules and Music List Event Headers reflect the following changes: 


A. Festival Rule Changes (changes noted in italics):
Additional Wording to Section I:
WSMA Music Festival Rules and Information govern all WSMA sanctioned festivals and are intended for use by member schools.  WSMA allows individual school districts to adopt additional policies and expectations as an extension of the rules and information stated below.
III.D.1–2: Determination of Class
            1. The determination of events selected and class level chosen is at the discretion of the member school teacher utilizing the guidelines as stated above.
            2. It is strongly recommended that students participating in grade 6 begin the Solo and Ensemble experience in Class C.
IV.A.6.a: Concert Festival Registrations must be sent to WSMA with payment and a copy to the Concert Festival Manager at least four weeks prior to the Concert Festival.  (Please Note: The previous Concert Festival deadline was three weeks.)
IV.E.10.a: District Festival Registration Forms with payment from all participating schools must be sent to WSMA and a copy to the District Festival Manager at least four weeks prior to the District Festival.  (Please Note: The previous District Festival deadline was three weeks.)
V.B.4: At the discretion of the member school, piano students who are not members of a regularly scheduled school music performing ensemble may participate in a WSMA District Solo & Ensemble Festival.  It is recommended that the student be asked to accompany at least one solo or ensemble event.
Rule V.B.5: Students in grades 6 through 12 are eligible to participate at WSMA District Solo & Ensemble Festivals for rating or comments only. (Please Note: Previously, 6th grade students were only allowed to participate for Comment Only and could only receive a rating in ensembles where 50% or more of the membership was in 7th grade or above.  Rule V.B.6 used previously has been eliminated.)
V.C.1: Students that are home-schooled OR attend a non-WSMA member school may participate in WSMA Solo & Ensemble Festivals (District and State) with the following conditions:
            a. Payment of an annual participation fee in the amount of $45 to WSMA; and
            b. Payment to WSMA of Solo and Ensemble registration fees as outlined in the Dues and                          Fees Schedule found on the WSMA website.
VI.C.2: All concert ensembles are eligible and encouraged to participate in a WSMA Concert Festival offering as outlined in Rule V.A.2.  Concert Ensembles with less than 16 performers in vocal groups or less than 20 performers in instrumental groups may submit a written request to WSMA to waive the concert requirement.
IX.A.1: WSMA must receive Permission Requests no later than six weeks prior to the District Festival.  An email confirmation will be sent upon receipt.  (Please Note: The previous Permission Request deadline was four weeks.)
B. Festival Music List Event Updates (changes noted in italics):
Event 2911: Misc. String or Keyboard Solo is now Misc. String Solo.
Event 5311: Marimba or Xylophone Solo now allows Limited Permission for 3 or more mallets.
Event 5912: Misc. Percussion Duet is now Misc. Percussion Duet, Trio or Quartet.
Event 5918: Misc. Percussion Ensemble is now for 5-28 players.  (The previous size restriction was 3-28 players.)
Event 8318: The Event Header for Creative Electronic Instrumental Ensemble has added the following: Pre-recorded parts are not permitted.  All performers must demonstrate technique and musicality as part of the live performance.
C. Other Changes
New Event: 
Event 6521: Non-Improvised Jazz Piano.  This event will have a partial listing and is designated as Permission Allowed, No Transfer.
New Concert Orchestra Rubric: A Concert Festival Rubric specific to Full Orchestra (Event 2000), Chamber Orchestra (Event 2010) and String Orchestra (Event 2020) will now be used at Concert Festivals.

Concert Comment Only Rubrics: Comment Only Rubric Forms for Concert Festivals (Band, Orchestra, Choir) have been aligned with those used in Solo and Ensemble Festivals.  A target goal and an area for written comments have been added.